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It all started when I became a mother

Hi! My name is Aysegul. I’m the mom of a little boy named Kai!

I was always that person who reads the endlessly boring labels on products while shopping, but after my little boy arrived I got even more into understanding what goes into the products that we wear and use. I was always searching for the purest, non-synthetic textiles for my baby’s delicate skin. Unfortunately most shops seemed to always go for blends that contained various weird chemicals and polyester etc. The few shops that carried all natural and sustainable products seemed to lack that bit of fun our kids deserve’, so I started dreaming about my own designs. I researched and looked for materials that I would happily put on my own baby, But of course, materials aren’t everything: they should be fun, too. Pure, but fun!

Sunny Side of London was born from the passion to create the softest and purest yet fun and colourful, highest quality baby blankets that were also sustainably sourced. All our designs are gender neutral, using the finest natural fabric for the job; extra fine merino wool. The perfect choice for little ones, Merino Wool is hypoallergenic, helps to regulate body temperature, repels moisture and definitely no itch! Besides the quality of materials and design, all products are also machine washable! Ohh, a must have for parents and baby products!
It has the perfect mix of practicality and luxury. 

We ensure that all the manufacturers and suppliers that we work with have ethical working practices, and use high quality materials and manufacturing processes.

And I should say, we are a real FAMILY business.

I am the designer and the face of the brand.
Kai is the inspiration. If he hadn't been born nor would Sunny Side of London. For me it’s always ‘bring your toddler to work’ day, which is equal parts crazy and best thing ever!
And my husband, who makes things tick along.

We truly hope you enjoy our Merino blankets that look as good as they feel. Loved every day by our own little one, we now want to share them with you…

When you are a part of it, you put your heart into it.

They’re all made with LOVE.

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