100% Extra fine Merino wool "ice cream" blanket

100% Extra fine Merino wool "ice cream" blanket


Blanket. Swaddle. Shawl. Stroller cover. Breastfeeding cover: All-in-one nest maker!

100% extra fine merino wool makes this blanket incredibly soft and luxuriously gentle for the little ones. At less than one-fifth the width of human hair, these fine wool fibers are so thin that they’re completely no itch. Because the fibers are so soft, they bend when they come into contact with the skin creating a gentle sensation. We call it ‘cashwool’, as it’s as soft as cashmere, but more durable and versatile.

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Whether you snuggle your baby into a swaddle or make any cot as cosy as a nest, this is the ultimate blanket for your little ones of all ages. It also makes a stylish breastfeeding cover on any mum’s shoulder.

Merino wool is naturally temperature regulating: Cools in the heat and insulates in the cool, allowing you to use it in comfort as a light blanket all year round.

Wool is naturally a great barrier for harmful UV rays, so it also makes a perfect stroller or carry cot cover even in summer. 

Ideal size and lightweight to pop in your bag when out and about.

It comes in a high quality and durable magnetic box, making it ideal as a gift. It can also be reused for a long time! 

Even though wool is inherently odour neutralising and anti-bacterial, your little one may squirt food on your blanket leaving you with no choice but to wash it. But don’t worry, it’s easier than you might think: We use a gentle process to give our Merino wool a special finish that allows you to machine wash it. Use it lots, wash whenever!


Size: 90x90cm (ideal for babies and toddlers)
Material: 100% Virgin Extra Fine Merino Wool

EAN: 5060656570017

Care: Machine washable on a wool program using wool detergent at 30 degrees. See care guide for details.